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5 Best Android Projector 2021

ByPradeep Kumar

Jan 12, 2021
Android Projector

Android projectors have been around some time and geared towards a movie fanatic or hardcore gamer who is not interested in conventional 1080p monitors anymore. They are a great way to turn your smart device into a home cinema.

They might seem like a big investment in money and time but they are well worth it to turn your Netflix session into a theatre-like experience. They have a truly high impact workaround for those who don’t want a TV screen to dominate their living room when it’s not in use.

Whether its binge-watching or doing a professional presentation anywhere, getting the best android projector seems a great idea.

If you are concerned about getting the best android projector at an affordable market price with the outstanding feature. This buying guide will help you so you can make an informed decision while purchasing.

5 Best Android Projectors

1. Anker Nebula Capsule 2, Smart Wifi Mini Projector

Android Projector

Mini projectors are something radically smaller than a conventional projector that you might mount to your ceiling.

The Anker nebula capsule is one of the most famous portable Android projectors due to its outstanding features and incredible design. Users favoring portability should definitely consider this projector as it is portable enough to put anywhere even you can hold it on one hand and throw it in most bags.

The little video projector has a shiny and sleek body which is made up of a strong aluminium alloy. This also ensures the safety of the internal circuits even if the projector falls many times.

The product features cutting edge DLP technology that creates bright 200 lumens, 720p viewing experience. The proprietary auto-focused technology has been induced in the unit which ensures the razor sharp-high definition clarity while the premium scans-speak transducer reproduces the immersive audio experience.

The product features Android TV 9.0 which personalizes your experience with plenty of apps to access the possibility of a large universe of entertainment. 

For your convenience, the unit provides four different projection modes including front projection, rear projection, front inverted projection, rear inverted projection.

Other worth mentioning features are great battery life, universal connectivity and Chromecast compatibility.


1. 2.5 hours charging time with quick charge 2.09V Super portable.
2. DLP technology with 720p image,200 lumens brightness.
3. Projector mode.
4. Bluetooth speaker mode.
5. Compatible with OS Android 9.0
6. Offers 8-watt speakers that have a 360-degree surround-sound system
7. Ideal distance of 40-80 inches from the wall offers 4.0 dual-mode Bluetooth Provides four projection modes

What to people say?

Based on the reviews of the consumers, here are some points we have scanned:

Great projector: people announced this as the smallest and brightest projector in its class. It has been the best android projector which supports android TV OS.display is too good that delivers bright and real 720p HD pictures.

Moreover, autofocus has been accurate too. Sound quality is superior for personal as well as couple use.

People loved watching Netflix on such a high quality and brighter display but most of them had the hassle to download the nebula manager app first as Netflix is not natively supported. But after this small installation, it has so quick and easy to access.

Design of the shape: the product is easy to use and overall great. But the design of shape needs a tripod base as it feels a bit incomplete without a tripod.

Things to be done before using:

  • You have to install a file manager APP to open USB driver, ensure to download file explorers like ES or FX and VLC media player 
  • Before using Netflix or prime video, ensure to download the nebula manager app from Google play. You need to use nebula connect app on your phone to control Netflix as Chromecast does not support Netflix content.

Final thoughts:

The product is super portable and feature-rich. Expensive investment but well worth it considering what you are getting.

2. Akaso WT50 Mini Projector

Android Projector

The Akaso “all in one” mini projector comes with the all modern feature you can expect. This mini android projector is as portable as it is smartly designed to fit easily into your pocket.

It features LED of 50 ANSI lumens that support up to 1080p resolution. With its unparalleled projection, it can go around 120” of screen size diagonally and display some vivid and detailed images.

Akaso WT50 has compatibility with both IOS and android system and allows you to share images wirelessly. It also features built-in android 7.1 operating system that can access the internet and play videos directly.

The product features sensitive touch control which allows you to select your media, apps and so more with ease.

The projector also comes with a 5000 mAH rechargeable battery which itself acts as a portable charger. External audio devices are also supported that can be connected via Bluetooth or an audio jack.


1. Compatible with both IOS and android system
2. 1080p HD resolution display
3. 2-3 hours battery
4. life screen size of 120 inch
5. Sensitive touch control
4. Features 5000 mAH battery
6. MicroSD card slot provided
7. External audio devices supported via Bluetooth or audio jack

What do people say?

The projector has been such a compact to take anywhere along with. Usually, the full-size projector is quite difficult to carry anywhere.

People are impressed with the brightness and quality of the projector, wifi and Bluetooth connection has done a good job though.

Speakers have clear sounds but it would be better if the built-in speaker could be a bit louder. But Bluetooth speakers work very well.

Final thoughts:

 Akaso WT50 mini projector is not the cheapest option available but overall its great projector, clear pictured and pocket sized.

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3. XGIMI MoGo Pro Android Projector

Android Projector

XGIMI, an android projector maker has dipped its toes into the market with new MoGo.the MoGo model won many design awards for its excellent features packed in a compact unit which is wrapped with a silver mesh grille. 

However, the back is made of hard white plastic. Here are all the vents, power buttons, headphone jack, HDMI and USB ports placed. Whereas play/pause buttons, volume controls and LED indicator and charging status can be found at the top.

The unit is featured with an advanced lamp rated at 300 ANSI lumens which don’t disappoint at all in real usage. The projection is bright and vivid in a dark environment. So you will not have trouble watching movies, videos and listening to Spotify in your dark bedroom. Though you can enjoy everything with the projection on the ceiling/empty wall or on the almost dark balcony with using the flat white curtain as a screen.

It supports 4K UHD resolutions which might be the most wanted features people would look for.

An auto focus feature will automatically focus each time you move it, so you don’t have to worry about manually adjusting. An unparalleled display can go up to 100 inches which will definitely give you a cinema experience. 

The unit includes remote control which allows you to perform several functions easily. It consist of an assistant button that lets you talk to Google’s digital helper, ask general questions, launch apps and many more. The input button comes handy when you want to switch to HDMI, and setting button to quick access images, sounds and projection options.


1. High-quality resolution of 1080p 
2. 300 ANSI Lumens
3. Features storage of 16 GB and 2 GB RAM
4. Includes HDMI port, DC port, USB 2.0 and headphone port
5. Supports Android TV 9.0 
6. Powerful 3W Harman-Kardon speakers

What do people say?

Performance: XGIMI MoGo Pro has been outstanding with a better resolution (1080p) with decent speakers than many other projectors on the market. However, it would be better not to use the MoGo Pro in a very bright room.

Portability is one of the best features of this android projector. It’s appreciated that the luxury of having a big screen on the go.

Durable battery: the battery works and lasts a fair amount of time without being charged. You can easily watch 2 hours of the movie without shutting off. Definitely serves better at the price.

Netflix, prime and more: you can work around to watch Netflix and prime. However, Netflix is not natively supported but you can watch it using XTV manager.

Final thoughts:

XGIMI MoGo Pro works quite well. For the price it serves more than its purpose.

4. WOWOTO H8 Video Projector

Android Projector

If you want to stream a high-resolution movie or play video games on a larger screen, WOWOTO H8 is the best option for it which is lightweight(0.5kg) yet durable. The size is very compact, which can easily fit into the bags while travelling.

The product features 2000 lumens of brightness which make it suitable to be used in a variety of environment.

Moreover, the H8 packs a few excellent design elements. If you’re placing it on a table or a floor, you’re going to want to tilt the projector upwards to keep it do so, it has a fold-down leg which allows you to adjust the angle and height of the projector. 

The focus ring is located on the side which prevents you from accidental bumping. The motion of the ring is smooth and slow-perfect for getting a precisely focused image.

The unit features a 7800mAH battery which makes you use it without electricity. Whatever form of content is in, the H8 gives a number of options to access it. The simplest choice is to connect a video source to the android projector HDMI port. If you’re dealing with standard definition content, a composite input is also there.

 If lots of your videos are in digital format, you can use either one of the two USB port to access content off of an external storage device. Built-in wifi and an eternal cable is also there to load videos over network.3in 1 AV cable, a HDMI cable, a remote and the android projector adapter are also included.


1. Easy setup
2. Compact and lightweight
3. 2000 lumens of brightness
4. Features 7800 mAH battery
5. Has fold-down the leg to adjust the angle and height
6. Has focus ring to get précised focused image
7. Features Wifi receiver and Bluetooth option

What do people say?

Performance: the projector is small but adorable that comes in a nice sturdy friendly to use it for work presentations at different places. It has great pictures with high resolution and brightness. You can even use it while charging.

Wi-Fi is connected within seconds. Bluetooth connection works well with wireless capabilities. Auto keystone and projection mode saves a ton of hassle.

No need for external mouse since there is a built-in trackpad though it will take some getting used to for it to be fully comfortable.

Final thoughts

Minor cons can be easily offset for the price, portability and workaround of the device. Excellent projector for the money you spend.

5. Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector

Android Projector

How many of you have seen a projector having portability of a Smartphone? Well, this vamvo ultra mini android projector belongs to this category which comes under your budget. 

Its frame is intended to be small enough to stuff into your pocket so you can have a large screen for work presentation wherever you go. The resolution of this mini android projector is up to 1080p with a powerful LED light which can display a crisp image. It can be scaled up to 130 inches with an ideal distance of 1.5 meters from the projector (for 70” screen).

The device is compatible with multiple operating systems and can be connected using all multimedia wired adaptors.

The built-in speakers of a projector come with SRS. If you want, it has 3.5 mm audio jack to assist with your speaker and continue enjoying it.

The mini projector is powered by 5200mAH battery which will last about two hours of playtime.


1. Cheapest mini projector
2. Features DLP technology
3. Supports airplay DLNA Miracast
4. Includes 3.5 mm audio jack
5. Powered by 5200mAH battery
6. High resolution of 1080p

What do people say?

Performance: Picture quality is excellent in dark and is still better with the lights half-dimmed, but even lights fully on in the room, the picture has enough definition to watch something.

This product works with quiet operation, in a large projector the fan noise always bothers but you have to try pretty hard to hear the fan on this android projector.

Battery life: Battery exactly lasts according to advertise. You can enjoy your favorite movie for straight two hours even more.

The minor issue has found that the focus wheel is too sensitive to adjustment, though it works properly.

Using exterior speakers recommended as built in one is not enough.

Note that, this android projector doesn’t support wireless connections (wifi, Bluetooth)

Final thoughts

Portable enough performs every function quite well at a cheap price. Highly recommended if you need to travel a lot for work.

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