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Best Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener: Professional [Review 2021]

Best Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener

Every home cook or chef would obviously have their favorite kitchen tools, a kitchen gadget, or any other piece with regard to chopping or cooking without which they cannot live. Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener is one of the most important tools in the kitchen and is used in the creation of virtually any dish. 

However it is important to maintain the condition of the knife, a sharp knife would render the best cut to the ingredient without causing any damage to the food.

On the other hand, a dull knife would obviously require more brute force for chopping and obviously doesn’t give you with the perfect finish.

Perhaps, learning how to sharpen your knife is an essential cooking skill. However, with the availability of a multitude of choices of most popular knife sharpeners, maintaining your favorite kitchen accessory in the best tip-top condition is no longer a concern.

But what is a knife sharpener and how it is used?

What Is a Knife Sharpener and Why Chef’s Knife Sharpener Stands Out Among Other Knife Sharpeners?

Knife sharpening is a process of making your knife or any other sharp objects by grinding against a rough surface which can be either a stone or a metal or against a soft surface with a hard texture like sandpaper to make it resume to its original stage mostly polished and sharp.

Although many brands and companies came up with the idea of knife sharpeners, EdgeCraft was established in 1985 with a specific mission to create the world’s best knife sharpeners. 

They stand out unique in the competitive market place because of their best performance and quality. People regard this gadget as the great product to be part of the kitchen. 

Although many individuals consider it as a commercial appliance, however as the technology has advanced, you no longer go in search for a professional to sharpen your knives rather you can do it with ease with the top chef’s choice knife sharpener.

If you see at the benefits it offers to you, then you will realize the wonders it adds to your life.

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Benefits and Advantages of Using Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener

Chef's Choice Knife Sharpener

Let us see some of the tangible benefits of Chef’s choice Knife sharpener

  • Cuts more easily and adds beauty to your dish: One of the most obvious reasons for using a knife sharpener is to experience the best cutting and chopping of your veggies, fruits, meat, and bread without rips and tears and to get the best finish. Knife sharpeners enable your knife to make easy cuts without much physical force. 
  • Saves time without requiring extra skills: Using the knife sharpener doesn’t require any type of extra skills or professionalism to make your knives get into great condition. Gone were the days when people used to sharpen their tools by grinding against a stone, however, the modern chefs’ choice knife sharpener has replaced everything and removes all your worries against the blunt knife. 

All you just need is to plug in the device to a kitchen wall outlet, draw the blades into the sharpener’s slot and you are knife is ready instantaneously. However when your knife is in a real pathetic condition, then it may require a little extra time, otherwise, things are done just in a wink, thus saving your time in the kitchen.

  • Value for money: The cost of sharpening knives from professionals is not mere, labors are pretty higher even for small engagement, however when you have a knife sharpener, you can get the job done yourself and you can save money.  

Buying the best chef’s choice knife sharpener is the best way to save money because it provide the real outstanding results for its functioning besides abolishing the need for the replacement of your old blunt knives

  • Chef’s Choice can make your knife last longer: Some people have a passion for knife collections. So they tend to collect a unique variety of knives each serving for a different purpose, however, after some period of time, they lose their shine and turns blunt making them lifeless though they are precise collections. 

At such instances, it is worth bearing in your mind that a typical knife sharpener will definitely help your knives stay in a perfect condition for a longer time.  

Therefore, a good knife sharpener will apparently extend the lives of your beloved knife and perhaps, a best source of investment in recessionary times. 

Features of Best Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener

To determine the features of the best chef’s choice knife sharpener, the best chef’s choice knife sharpener review would definitely make a difference.  

Versatility to Work With Different Types of Knives

If you own a couple of knives, you don’t want to dispose of them immediately once it becomes dull, rather look to some other option to make it perform better. Apparently, the chef’s choice sharpener has the ability to work on different sorts of knife-like sports, pocket, and outdoor knives as well as the European and American blades, Japanese and Santuko blades. 

The sharpener allows you to hold the blade around 15(Asian style) to 20(American/European) degree angle to accomplish desired sharpness

Multiple Sharpening Stages – Edge Select Technology

Technology shows that a best knife sharpener uses different abrasive materials for each stage of the operation.

Similarly, the chef’s choice knife sharpener uses coarse diamond abrasive during the first stage of the process followed by fine diamond abrasive to create an ultra-sharp edge to your knives.

This is apparently crucial in order to enjoy the best results and to protect your knives. Because of this feature, the chef’s choice has the best reviews.

Safety features 

Chef’s choice is the perfect solution for the users who have no previous experience of using knife sharpeners. This tool will definitely provide you with the best comfort because, the ease of use is pretty straightforward and simple.

The safety features of chef’s choice break through high performing technology, ideal to be used in minutes, hone and polish turning even the dullest knives to perfect condition.

Now you would have already known about the benefits and the features it offers to the individuals who do home cooking as well as chefs. At this point in time, it is important to discuss some of the most prominent models of chef choice knife sharpener

Chef’s Choice Model 120

The Chef choice diamond 120 edge select knife sharpener delivers rapid and accurate results besides offering the highest durable edges for straight edge and serrate 20 degree knives. 

Chef's Choice Knife Sharpener Model 120

It can turn the dullest knives into polished sharp ones in a short time. It comes with three-stage sharpener, the first two stages are carried out with 100 percent quality diamond coated discs and the third stage is followed by unique stropping and polishing. Known for precision angle control


  1. The lightning fast professional devices produces results in seconds
  2. Perfect solution for a wide range of knife collections. An ideal solution for people in restaurants who have plethora of expensive knives in use
  3. Great ease of use if you understand the technology and mechanization
  4. The edgeselect features triple level edges for gourmet (chef’s knife, Santoku knives), butcher knives (bread knives, hunting knives, and fillet knives), sporting and pocket knives.


  1. They are not suitable for thick Japanese knives and ceramic knives
  2. Sharpening modules requires routine replacement to perform better

Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

Steel and strop your 20-degree class knives with a chef’s choice 130 professional electric knife sharpener. You don’t require any experience or skill to sharpen your knives with this appliance. It has brought a breakthrough in sharpening technology, it has the ability to sharpen all types of knives making a huge saving to your kitchen tools. 

Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener model 130

This model uses a three-stage process similar to the previous model, however, it slightly varies. The first stage uses the 100 percent diamond abrasive, followed by the second stage which uses the super-hardened miniature steel, and finally ending up with the third stage in which the flexible stropping disk polishes the edges.


1. Sharpens, steels and strops all brands and types of knives irrespective of the fact that they are straight edge or serrated

2. The product is worth for the money, for anyone who thinks that the appliance could be expensive because of the versatility and the performance it offers, obviously the price can be surprising.

3. It has a lengthy warranty period of 3years. So if you encounter any problems with the appliance within the warranty period, you can get it fixed without spending much funds from your pocket

4. A must-have tool in the kitchen


  1. Proper maintenance required, else will not last longer
  2. Might not be an ideal choice for rare knives.

Closing Thoughts

The Chef’s Choice Knife sharpener combines the strength and long-lasting properties of bevel edge and the edgeselect feature and comes out with the best performance and a great solution provider for sharpening all types of knives. Get rid of your dull blades and get incredibly sharp knives every time with Chef’s choice!

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