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Best USB to LAN Adapter Reviews 2021

ByPradeep Kumar

Jan 13, 2021
best USB to LAN adapter reviews

One of the numerous features that PCs lost as they got more slender and lighter in the build were their ports. 

The lack of ports on PC and Laptops became a lot obvious when taking a look at Apple’s MacBook lineup, which just has Thunderbolt 3 ports, yet the windows PC competitors are adopting this pattern. 

Ethernet ports that allow you to interface your PC efficiently to a WiFi switch or link modem were among the first to take an exit in the modern PC design. 

These connectors, for the most part, have a best USB to LAN connector toward one side and an Ethernet port on the other, it’s essential that you find the best means to work the connection.

Another sort of best USB to LAN connector is a WiFi adapter, which interfaces with your PC’s USB port and allows you to associate with a remote system. Those connectors are useful for personal computers, which might not have a working WiFi card or a PC with a terrible Ethernet port.

In this guide, we will cover all you need to know to get the best USB to LAN adapter and answer pressing questions concerning USB to gigabit ethernet.

What You Must Know Before Purchasing A USB LAN Adapter

There are numerous factors to consider while picking the best USB to LAN adapter. Below, we list the prominent best USB to LAN adapter.

Wired and Wireless:

As we referenced at the inception of this article, A USB network adapter is found in two distinct variations:

One of which quickly terminates to an ethernet port, allowing you to connect your computer to WiFi routers or cable modems.

The second terminates to send and receive WiFi signals like an antenna.

Extra ports: A USB network adapter is in, a lot of instances, regarded as a “hub” accessory. This helps bring a lot of functionality that was lost as most modern PCs became a lot thinner.

Size: You may need to convey your USB network Adapter with you consistently, and for that reason, the adapters on these lists are portable and pocket friendly.

Compatibility: All of the USB network adapter mentioned in this article, flawlessly works with PC and Macs. You will get best USB to LAN ethernet or Type-C to LAN adapters. Apart from these two, we have USB Type C hubs as well.

If you are looking to connect the Adapter to a MacBook from 2016, it will require a USB-A to USB-C adapter.

Speed​: The primary reason you are after a USB network adapter is simply to build a faster PC’s web speed.

Best USB To Lan Adapter Reviews 2021

TP Link Nano Wifi Adapter

TP-Link USB WiFi Adapter

Perhaps you are looking to add WiFi to an older machine or a PC with an awful remote/wireless setup, TP Link’s WiFi connector is an excellent choice.

With the Antenna plugged in one of the USB ports on the computer, it allows it to connect to a wireless network. The best quality of this connector is that it bolsters 802.11AC, which is probably the most recent variant of WiFi innovation. It permits the Antenna to record speeds at rates of up to 433 Mbps.

The TP-Link USB network adapter can connect easily to WiFi systems utilizing the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz frequencies, making it perfect with any WiFi switch.

To get the best output, pick a 5.0 GHz connection if your router supports it. There is less impedance from cordless telephones and different gadgets on when they’re over 5.0 GHz connection.

The genuine primary drawback to utilizing the TP-Link Adapter is that it includes a considerable amount of mass to your PC. The Antenna may get trapped in your vision, or you will need to project at an irregular edge to work adequately. If your PC has a more established WiFi chip or doesn’t have WiFi, it merits that little problem.

This USB network adapter supports a new rendition of WiFi technology and can work in 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz frequencies.The Antenna stands out of the side of your PC.

Twelve South StayGo

Twelve South StayGo

Here’s the twelve South’s StayGo, a multi-port center point that can associate a cutting edge PC to pretty much any just about any type of accessory.

The hub has a Gigabit Ethernet port, three USB-A ports, an HDMI port fit for 4K video production, an SD card space for inserting memory cards, and a couple of USB-C ports. One of those USB-C ports is meant to be connected with your PC. However, you can connect the other to your PC’s power adapter and charge its battery while the central hub remains connected.

Even though this hub remains connected to your PC using an external ethernet adapter, it has a recessed area where the link can stay when you travel, so you don’t lose it.

The HDMI and SD card reader are ports that get lost a great deal on ultrathin PCs, and the capacity to connect your PC to a high-res TV, memory card, etc., is significantly enormous.

This hub allows you to connect with a wired system, SD card, 4K TV, and three USB connectors simultaneously.It’s more substantial and a lot bulkier than the single-use USB adapters in this guide.

Anker AK-A7611011 Aluminum Unibody USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

Anker USB 3.0 to LAN adapter

For any Mac user who needs an easy USB to LAN Ethernet connector, there is no preferred decision over the Anker AK-A7611011. With a flawless aluminum body, this gadget was intended to accommodate your Macbook, Mac Pro/Mini, and iMac, yet it is additionally perfect with different PCs. The cost is somewhat higher; however, you get an extravagant connector that additionally conveys and delivers.

The slick aluminum composite packaging shields the gadget from shocks, rust, and freezes when you constantly walk about with it.
It’s likewise amazingly smaller and has a pen-like weight that makes it easy for you to slip it all through a pocket effortlessly.

ankter USB to LAN ethernet adapter

Anker manufactured this model with the correct equalization of roughness and transportability. Concerning, this model has been intended for Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, Windows Vista/7/8, yet it functions admirably with Windows 10 and Linux without extra drivers.

The Highlights:

  • Fast and stable connection
  • Elegant and safe: aluminum unibody
  • Very small and convenient
  • USB 3.0
  • Windows and Mac compatibility
Anker 3-Port USB HUB with Gigabit Ethernet Converter

The Anker USB Network Adapter provides a lot other than assisting you with connecting your PC to the Internet. It has a Gigabit Ethernet port toward one side and three USB-A ports on the top. You can utilize the USB ports to connect to the extras; a hard-drive, a camera, and your telephone, for instance, while keeping up with the quick speeds.

The adaptability allows you to tweak how this Adapter fits into your system arrangement, which is extraordinary. This element will be either a significant bit of leeway or a potential burden depending on the circumstance.

The Anker USB Network Adapter has three USB-A ports on the top, so you can immediately connect numerous appliances to your PC.It has no LEDs to alarm you when connected or disconnected with your system, and a detachable USB adapter can get lost if you’re not cautious.

If you own a MacBook Pro, you should, as of now, know about the absence of ports.

While trying to make the MacBook Pro thin and stylish, Apple has expelled the vast majority of the ports from the Mac. To fix this, you will have to opt for USB type C to ethernet adapter for your ac. There are a lot of USB-C to ethernet adapter, and this helps address the issue.

Below we look at the best Ethernet adapter for MacBook pro with which you can connect your latest Macbook Pro having Type C thunderbolt to LAN adapter.

Best Ethernet Adapter For Macbook Pro (USB Type C to LAN Ethernet)

Best Ethernet Adapter For Macbook Pro

UNI USB-C to Ethernet Adapter

UNI USB-C to Ethernet Adapter

The Uni Ethernet Adapter is a minimized solution that accompanies a single LAN port. You can simply connect it to your MacBook Pro with type-C thunderbolt port and LAN connection to the other end, that’s it. It fits perfectly and, oh, very easy to carry around.

And it boasts of a comfortable 1 Gbps, making it a great choice when choosing the best USB to LAN ethernet adapter.

ANKER USB Type C to LAN Adapter

anker USB type C to LAN adapter

Another portable connector is Anker’s, one of the best Type C to ethernet adapter.

Its exquisite aluminum body fits well with the luxurious look of Macs and makes it extraordinary. Furthermore, best of all, this connector additionally works in the Lightning port of an iPad with USB Type C.

anker USB Type C to LAN

It providing speed rates of up to 10/100/1000 Mbps depending on your ISP and you don’t need to install any driver for these connectors. They are plug and play.

Lasuney Triple Display USB Type C HUB

Lasuney Triple Display USB Type C HUB

Our Best Choice for All your Connectivity problems.

We cannot list the best USB type C to ethernet without the outer Ethernet connector. A wired USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet connection gives some excellent quality and speed.

Here’s various ports available with this USB Type C Hub:

  • 2 HDMI Displayport
  • PD3.0
  • Ethernet
  • 3 USB
  • SD/TF
  • Multiport

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is a USB Nic card?

The USB Nic card provides a high-speed network, being a wireless network card as it is mainly used when accessing a system via a USB port on a PC.

They typically look like little USB flash drives. However, they work on the 802.11g standard, providing a whopping fast 50+Mbps speed.

How to use a USB To Gigabit Ethernet adapter

Using a USB 3.0 to a gigabit ethernet adapter, you will need to use a single RJ45 Ethernet port on your computer which needs to be USB enabled, and has support for all gigabit network connections.


Following this guide, we hope it has answered most of your questions regarding using a USB-to- Ethernet adapter or Type C to LAN adapter.

If you need to get started fast, we recommend checking the USB speed your computer uses and ensuring it is compatible with the same rates as the ethernet adapter. And if you are still not sure, you can always opt for a USB 3.0.

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