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7 Best Digital Shipping and Postal Scale Reviews

ByPradeep Kumar

Jan 12, 2021

For any online or offline trading business, proper strategies have to be followed to prevent losses. Mailing is included. Using mechanical scale you will end up overpaying postal charging.

A best postal scale is one of the must-have essentials which helps you to calculate the exact weight of any packages. There is an integrated circuit and pressure sensor through which a postal scale delivers you an exact weight and precise postal charge according to your postal rates.

With the use of best postal scales, you can avoid postal charges and extra shipping. Best postal scale can save your time and money in your regular shipping-whether you are a seller or in charge of shipping.

Here are some high-quality machines which help you to choose the best postal scale according to your needs.

1. Accuteck All in 1 Series W-8250 Digital Postal Scale

Postal scale

Accuteck is the classic and durable postal scale which is very easy to use. With a built-in self-calibration technology, this portable postal scale weighs up to 5lbs with a resolution of range .2oz -.1oz it helps you to get accurate results.

A mailer holder is included to a scale which can be folded to 90 degrees for some objects like pipes and irregularly shaped packages. The scale can measure different units pounds/ounces, ounces, kilograms/grams and grams thus you can choose a suitable unit.

The scale also includes the feature “tare” and “hold” function. Tare will let you allow measuring the accurate weight of materials that require a container to hold.

Hold will keep the weight on the screen for couple of seconds even after you remove the item if you try to weigh a massive item.

The device can be used by 3 AAA batteries which come with the product which allows you to either run it on the battery while travelling or you can use it plugged in with a 5V connection. 

There are wide ranges of products which can be measured in this scale.

Highlighted Features                                                    

  1. Auto shut off feature
  2. A tare and hold function
  3. Measurement in kilograms, grams, pounds
  4. Self-calibration technology
  5. Fold up mailer holder up to 90 degrees

2. GreaterGoods Digital Pocket Scale

Postal scale

Greatergoods scale particularly focuses on accuracy. This product has the right measure for you if you are weighing gold or any other item. The pocket scale’s built-in sensor offers superior accuracy with 0.1 grams or 0.001 ounces.

This scale is capable of weighing in six different measurements: grams(g), ounces(oz), carats(ct), grains(gn), troy ounces(ozt) and pennyweight(dwt) which are easy to read on the bright reverse backlit LCD screen.

The product is so lightweight (6.2 ounces) with a maximum weight limit of 750g. It includes a removable lid which also acts as a weight tray.

When come to its design, the platform has made of stainless steel which is pretty tough. The weight tray is made of plastic.

The scale is equipped with a tare function that let you allow weighing empty container for net weight calculations.

Unfortunately, this product is not equipped with self-calibration technology but it can be manually calibrated with lab weights.

All in all, the product is a good deal at cheap rate and with essential features. You should go for this product if your product requires the superior accuracy.

Highlighted Features

  1. Durable and extremely lightweight
  2. Six modes of measurement
  3. Unmatched amount of sensitivity
  4. Can measure within .1g/.001 ounce
  5. Portable and easy to clean
  6. Reverse backlit LED screen

3. Smart Way Digital Shipping and Postal Weight Scale

Postal scale

The smart way digital shipping scale is one of the best and durable. It is an accurate postal scale with affordable price and easy to use as it contains all the necessary features which are not so complicated.

When it comes to design, it has an elegant black design with a wider platform

The weight reading and shipping cost are displayed on a wall mounted large and clear LCD panel with back lit.

The product features tare weighing function that allows you to reset and net weigh an empty container.

If you have just started a business and you need a weighing machine, you should be aiming to get. It is definitely a smart choice to save money.

Highlighted  Features

  1. Offers a tare and hold feature
  2. Suitable for home, office or any professional setup
  3. 100% customer satisfaction
  4. Capacity up to 110-lbs/50 kg with the accuracy of .10z/2g
  5. Easy to read backlit LCD display 
  6. Offers 2 years warranty

4. Weighmax W-2809 90 LB Stainless Steel Digital Postal Scale

Postal scale

Weighmax is a digital postal scale which consists of a stainless steel platform which makes sure its durability. The product is very cheap compared to similar kind of products in a market. 

The shipping and postal scale can weigh from as little as 10g up to 90lbs with .1oz graduation.

The postal scale is equipped with four measuring units (kg, oz.,lb,lb/oz )which saves your time of the unit conversion.

Weighmax can be operated with both battery and ac adapter. The machine is designed to use USB which can be used for power purposes as well. It offers excellent power saving feature which automatically switches the machine off after 90 seconds. However, this power-saving feature only applies using battery mode. 

This is equipped with an extra large LCD –lit display which allows you to read weight readings.

Highlighted Features

  1. Solid structure of stainless steel platform
  2. Features tare/hold function
  3. Offers four measuring units
  4. Both ac adapter and battery operated
  5. An extra large LCD display 
  6. Easy to maintain
  7. Features battery saving mode

5. Accuteck Dream Gold Digital Postal Scale

Postal scale

This digital postal scale is a limited edition scale from Accuteck will meet all your needs from packages .2oz to 86 lbs. to make it more attractive, the machine comes with five different colours to choose from (cool black, luxury gold, charming red and classic silver) 

The scale is battery operated .but you should not be worried about running out of battery as the scale allows you to save battery power by using the power options like USB and ac adapter which are included in the package. However, USB can be used only for power purposes, not for transferring files.

This scale offers tare and hold a feature which allows you to determine weight of the empty boxes and locking the weight for more 10-15 seconds even after removing the item.

The scale gives you accurate measuring with three measuring options-kg, lb and oz.weight reading has been made easy due to energy saving back-lit display which allows you to read even in a dark environment without straining.

If you are looking for best type of postal scale, then you should be aiming to get this one.

Highlighted Features

  1. Limited edition model
  2. Smart design comes in five different colors
  3. Three measuring options (kg,oz,lb)
  4. Capacity from .2oz up to 86lbs
  5. Accuracy level of 0.1oz
  6. Features energy saving mode
  7. Large back-lit display for easy readability 
  8. Powered by Battery, ac adapter and USB
  9. Features tare/hold function

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6. Accuteck 440lb Heavy Duty Digital Metal Postal Scale

Postal scale

This one is tough, accurate and sturdy postal scale which is one of the best shipping scales in the market. This user-friendly machine has an extended control board for weighing large packages.

This top-rated heavy duty fully metal postal scale has a large capacity which is able to weigh up to 440lbs/200kg.

When it comes to design, it has an eye catching ergonomic and elegant design. This includes an energy saving large LCD display. 

Aesthetics aside, it has three measuring units(kg, lbs, oz). The scale is operated by battery which yet comes with ac adapter as an alternative, USB cable can also be used as power source, but won’t be able to transfer data.

The heavy-duty postal scale offers tare function which allows you to zero out the reading of previous items. The hold function will allow you to lock reading for a few seconds after taking the item off from the platform.

 Highlighted Features

  1. Energy saving LCD display
  2. Powered by included AAA batteries or 9V ac adapter
  3. Ability to weigh up to 440 lbs/200kg
  4. Tare and hold function
  5. Auto shut off feature included
  6. Offers an extended control board for weighing large packages
  7. Heavy metal structure

7. Accuteck Shippro 110lbs Digital Shipping Postal Scale

Postal scale

Accuteck shippro is one of the best postal scales that feature latest technology. The product is accurate and easy to use which can handle large packages up to 110lbs with the accuracy level of .1oz.

This postal scale features four different measuring units (pounds/ounces, ounces, kilograms/grams, grams) the shippro series offers tare and hold functions through which you can weigh your packages easily.

The scale can be powered by battery or power can be saved by using alternatives like ac adapter and USB (both are included in package).note that,USB cannot be used for transferring data.

This digital postal scale consists of extended cord with an energy saving back-lit LCD display which is large enough for use in dark environments.

It has stylish and ergonomic design with availability of two different colors black and gray which allow you to choose your preferred color.

The scale works best with the essential features but may not suitable for larger packages.

Highlighted Features

  1. Built in newest technology for easy calibration 
  2. 3AA batteries, USB cable and ac adapter included
  3. Capacity up to 110lb with accuracy level of .1oz
  4. Offers energy saving LCD backlit with extended cord
  5. Features tare and hold function
  6. A two way sided upholder that can be folded

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