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Free iPhone Ringtones Download for android / iOS, Best iPhone Remix Ringtones 2021

download free iPhone ringtones

Apple Ringtone, Free Ringtones for iPhone: Caller ringtones were the coolest thing of a smartphone in its early times, in fact, they are even cooler than ever now. Here we come up with the latest iPhone ringtones that you can set up as caller tune in your iPhones as well as Android smartphones. Previously, there would be no options in selecting the ringtones for your device. But now things have been changed a lot. Setting up a custom ringtone on an Android device is absolutely easy and simple. But when it comes to iOS, things are different and bit complex here. You can’t just directly set any of your favourite songs as your caller ringtone. Things aren’t that flexible in iOS as they are on Android OS.

Apple iPhone New Ringtone 2021

Apple has recently launched its iPhone 11 flagship with 4 colors. We got a massive tech update with this release. Although the design remains the same as previous models, having notch and bezels. Here we have best iPhone 11 ringtones for our users.

download iPhone 11 ringtones

iPhone X Ringtones 2021

We have the best collection of iPhone ringtones before we check them we would like to show you our iPhone X Ringtones here.

Ringtone NameDownload
iPhone XS RingtoneGet Here
iPhone Xs OriginalGet Here
iPhone X Latest MixGet Here
iPhone Mix Ringtone 2021Get Here
iPhone XS 3G Ringtone MixGet Here
download iPhone ringtones here

Apple iPhone Ringtone App for Android & iOS

We also have iPhone Ringtone android application for our fan. Download the iPhone Ringtone APK to get all latest iPhone Ringtones, notification alerts and remixes tones at one place.

Features of this application:

  • All ringtones, notifications and remixes at one place.
  • Download ringtones anytime without any hassle.
  • Set them as your default ringtone, notification alerts.

You will find the best iPhone ringtones collection here like iPhone 8 ringtones, iPhone 7 ringtones mp3, Marimba remix iPhone ringtone etc here.

Download Free iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11 Ringtones 2021

Apple iPhone 8 Remix Ringtone: Download here

Apple iPhone X Official Ringtone 2021: Download here

Meet the iPhoneX ringtone: Download here

iPhoneX Remix Ringtone for Android: Download here

Setting up a custom ringtone on the iOS-based device is actually difficult and would consume a lot of time to set up if you don’t know the process. So in order to help our readers, we’ve decided to provide a simple guide for setting up a custom Apple ringtone. So without wasting any further minute, let’s dive into the topic right away.

The ChainSmoker Marimba Remix Ringtone for iPhones:

The ChainSmoker Marimba Ringtone for Apple iPhones and Android Smartphones. You will love to use this lovely and beautiful composition. I will recommend you to use this ringtone as your iPhone’s caller tune. You can download and listen to this by clicking below:

ChainSmoker Marimba Remix ringtone for iPhones and Android device: Download here

Apple iPhone 7, 8 Ringtones & Callertunes for Android Smartphone

Get More Apple Ringtones for iPhone

Here we have hosted some of amazing Apple ringtones for iPhone users. You can play/pause or download them with simple click options. These Apple ringtones are in mp3 format so you can use it on any iPhone or Android devices as well.

1. Apple Ringtone: Amazing Xylophone Ringtone for iPhone

2. Apple iPhone 6 Plus Ringtone (Dubstep) Mp3

3. Apple iPhone 4s Ringtone Loud Mp3

4. Apple iPhone Despacito Ringtone Mp3

5. Apple iPhone 5c Crystal Ringtone Mp3

Apple iPhone Ringtones 2021

So, folks, you have already got the bunch of seedling iPhone ringtones for your Android or iOS devices. You can also share your favorite songs and music in comment sections and we will try to make a ringtone for you. Now, let’s check out some other popular ringtones for iPhone here.

6. Apple iPhone 6 Ringtone (Night Owl) Mp3

7. Apple iPhone 5s Original Ringtone Mp3

8. Apple iPhone 6 Plus Remix Monkey Ringtone Mp3

9. Trap ringtone remix for iPhone

10. Apple iPhone Strangers Remix Ringtone Mp3

11. The shape of you iOS Ringtone Mp3

12. Ultimate 3g Mix Ringtone Mp3

How To Set A Custom Ringtone In Iphone

Step 1: First of all, you have to open up iTunes on a computer in order to proceed further.

Step 2: Select any song which you want to as your caller ringtone. You can skip any song up to 30 seconds as the caller ringtone time limit is only 30 seconds.

Step 3: After snipping the song, just right-click on it and select the “Create An AAC Version” option. (AAC version is compulsory in order to make this method work)

Step 4: Now right-click on the song which you have snipped and select the “Show In Finder” option. Once again right-click on the song and select the “Get Info” option.

Step 5: In the infobox, you will find the name and type of extension of the song. By default, the extension would be in .m4a. Just change it to .m4r and tap on save changes.

Step 6: After saving the song, I recommend you to place the song file on your desktop. It’ll help you later in this method.

Step 7: Now you have to connect your iPhone to the computer using any cable. Once connected, just head over to your music library. Hit the “three dots” option; there you will find the option “tunes” Just open it.

Step 8: Now just simply drag the song to your Tone’s section. Now navigate to the tones folder -> sync tones and select sync tones option. Just select the song file and start syncing.

Step 9: That’s all, now just head over to the settings on your iPhone. Navigate to the “sounds” folder and tap on the selected tones. There you will find your song in the top position.

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How to Get iPhone Ringtones on Android Smartphones?

Well, if you are an android user and wanted to set iPhone ringtones on your android mobile which seems to be a fascinating need. All you need to do is to download ringtones for iPhone from above downloading buttons. These all the free ringtones and mixes made by various music lovers from all over the world.

Once you downloaded the free iPhone ringtones, follow steps to set any iPhone ringtones as caller tune in android phone:

  • Open Phone Settings >> Sound Settings
  • In Sound Settings, select your preferred SIM for which you want to set a caller tune.
  • Then Select the downloaded tune as your caller tune.
  • And you are all done!

That’s it, just set it as your caller ringtone. In case if you are running out of ringtones, then here we’ve provided some apple ringtones which you can use. Just check them out if you are looking for something different and cool type of ringtones for iPhone. You can use this method to add multiple songs to your ringtones list.

If you really enjoyed our collection of Apple iPhone ringtones 2021 here, do like and share us using social buttons. You can also share your suggestions by commenting below so that we can improve our collection.

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