Top Racing Drones: Ready to Fly (RTF Drones) Best FPV Drones

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Best Racing Drones 2021: No doubt, the Racing drone is becoming the most pleasing hobby for most of us. Drone racing has not even influenced kids but elders as well. Nowadays everyone is excited with UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and why not, its something new to the world. Well if you are a newbie with drone racing, you must have a Ready to Fly (RTF) FPV drone which is pretty much easy as manual assembling is not required. In this guide, we are going to talk about top racing drones, best Ready to Fly RTF, BNF, and FPV Drones.

Well, if you are a newbie to drone racing. You might be wondering what is RTF, BNF and FPV stand here!!!

RTF Drones: It stands for Ready to fly drones, you don’t need any assembly in order to fly an RTF quadcopter. All you have to do is charge the battery, installing of propellers, and binding the controller with the quadcopter.

BNF Drones: It stands for Bind And Fly. In this way, the drone comes completely assembled. But, it doesn’t have any controller with it. You can have used any controller with BNF Quadcopter (if it’s compatible) or find a controller separately.

FPV Drone: It Stands for First Person View which also means simple video piloting. It’s drones with Controllers.

ARF Drones: Almost Ready to Fly. ARF Drones are like you have quadcopter kit. Usually, these drones don’t come with transmitter or receiver. Sometimes you might not see other components like batteries, motors. So, wherever you see the term ARF, read the description thoroughly. 

best racing drone, top racing drone, best fpv drone, rtf drone

What is Drone Racing?

Drone racing is a sport, a competitive one, that makes your flying world all the more exciting. In drone racing, as a pilot, you have to fly your drones at a high speed. Though the pilots do not fly along, the view is of something as if they are flying around. Although Racing drones are generally custom made, we are developing a perfect guide on “How to make a racing drone DIY for our readers“. We will update you with it coming days. Meanwhile, let’s check out some high tech racing quadcopters available in the market that you can use for racing.

Top 5 FPV Racing Drones: Best High-End Racing Drones in 2021

These FVP Racing drones come at an affordable price of $200 to 500 USD. After testing hundreds of FPV Ready to fly drones we came up with the best FPV racing drones of 2021. DJI Spark, Parrot Bebop 2, Force1, DJI Mavic Pro, and Air are my favorite giving fast-flying experience, longer range, better flight time, and durability. You check out our best racing drone pickups here:

FPV Racing Drones - High End

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Unleashing Top 10 Ready to Fly FPV Racing Drones (Under $200)

Here we came up of top 10 best racing drones that will give wings to your droning fantasy. These quadcopters are Ready to Fly. So, you don’t have to get your hands into assembly or finding parts. Each FPV drone mentioned below is special in their own way. We recommend you to check the pros and cons of every drone which will help you finding the right one for you.

1. Walkera F210 Professional Racer Quadcopter Drone

Walkera F210 review, top racing drone, racing drone, drone racing, review, guide

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Pros Cons
  • HD Night Vision Camera
  • Powerful Motors for Fast Racing
  • F3 Flight System
  • Carbon Fiber Body
  • Lack of “Fail-Safe”
  • Very Fast, can lose connection if it’s going away from the range.

This racing drone is built for speed having a bow and streamlined design, combined with physical mechanics. The reason behind its bulky appearance is its center of gravity that moves towards the central point. The four powerful 2500kv brushless motors of the Walkera F210 get this drone moving, making it our best contender for the fastest racing drone 2021. Designed for racing, it is very fast, light, and agile. 

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Having a 210 size racing quadcopter, it has a bow body design and carbon fiber material which helps in increased durability. Its adjustable camera tilt angle is another unique feature. For easy maintenance, this drone comes with a modular design. Having passed through many tests like the drop test, crash test, high and low-temperature test, humidity test, etc it guarantees a safe flight. This drone has a very huge impact in the world of drone racing and its anti-collision and anti-drop mechanics will help in ensuring a safe and sound flight.

2. RISE Vusion 250 FPV RTF Drone

RISE Vusion 250 FPV RTF Drone, rtf racing frone, fpv drones, best drone, racing drone

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Pros Cons
  • Fast
  • FPV
  • Stable Flight
  • Durable
  • Hard To Find Spare Parts

The revolutionary Vusion 250 Extreme FPV Race Pack equipped with instant FPV, this racing drone will have you soaring through the air having the perfect blend of innovation and convenience. This is one of the best FPV racing drones for beginners. It comes with all FPV(First Person View) equipment pre-installed, from the LCD video monitor to 5.8GHZ gear – no soldering or any extra assembly needed.

Having everything designed to work seamlessly together, it is an injection-molded RTF 250-size racing drone to come with all essential FPV equipment installed. It includes RTF  Vusion FPV Racer along with 600 TVL FPV Video Camera with Micro Memory Card Slot. For better audio and signal, it has a RISE J2000 2.4GHz 6-channel Radio System. For better convenience, a proper set of spare propeller, four AA batteries, a screwdriver, and an instruction manual will be included. With this drone, you can take your FPV world by storm.

3. ARRIS FPV250 Mini RC Racing Drone

ARRIS FPV250 Mini RC Racing Drone, racing drone

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  • It has a durable frame and arms, No serious damage if a crash happens.
  • Can be customized easily.
  • Vibration dampers won’t affect in the recording.
  • Goggles can be used with it.
  • Printed circuit board so the wires will not stand in the way.


  • The payload capacity is low.

One of the most popular models in the drone community, the Arris FPV250 provides amazing quality with sophisticated features. This FPV 250 comes with FrSky 4RSB receiver, that works with the frisky transmitter. This drone uses high-quality S2205 2300KV motor and ARRIS Falcon BLHeli 20A ESC for fast speed. For a drone of this size, the quality of video from the 700TVL camera is unparalleled, with zero delays. Before shipping out, all the parts are assembled and tested by professional techniques.

The only thing you need on your own is your own radio set and battery. Keeping you away from all the burden, the ARRIS mini 250 racing drone is low weight, specially designed for FPV.  One additional benefit of this drone is having the home built accessories.  There is easy modification with this drone having standard connectors and wiring making the Arris easy to modify.

4. Arris X-Speed 250B V2 FPV Quadcopter Racing Drone

Arris XSpeed 250B review, racing fpv drone, fpv drone, top racing drone

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  • High Top Speed
  • Altitude Hold
  • Nice Camera
  • FPV


  • Difficult Manual

The assembled RTF version of this Arris X-Speed comes with all the features tuned, tried and tested, ready for you to let loose. It is completely assembled, tuned and tested by the technician Being able to adjust the FPV camera angle from 0 to 45 degrees gives you complete control in terms of the high-quality camera.

A great feature is the vibration dampening plate that ensures video quality is unshaken. The simple structure frame installed with tower structure ESC/PDB makes it easy to assemble and repair, making it a great option for beginner drone racers.

5. RISE Vusion House Racer Ready to Fly (FPV Racing Drone)

RISE Vusion House Racer, fpv racing drone, rtf racing drone

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  • Complete FPV package
  • Great performance out of a tiny machine
  • 100% designed, built and supported by Hobbico
  • Lost model alarm beacon
  • Fast enough for outdoor adventures


  • Grasses are killer
  • Too fast for indoor

This is an impressively equipped instant FPV, which can instantly make you fly. This is an injection molded the First-person view racing drone. For all the sports lovers out there, this exciting world of FPV includes goggles, LCD video, monitor and 5.8GHz gear. Drone racers can witness a modular construction which is easy to repair. No kind of extra assembling is required.

6. Goolsky MJX Bugs 6 B6 Racing Drone

Goolsky MJX Bugs 6 B6, racing drone, top racing drone, best racing drone

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  • An all-in-one RTF package
  • A durable, efficient brushless motor
  • A solid display with both monitor and headset
  • Decent control range and battery life


  • Top speed is not actually racing speed
  • Does not have a self-stabilizing acro mode
  • Recording framerates can drop

The MJX Bugs 6 is a cheap racing quadcopter that is perfect for the flyers who are relatively new to the hobby and wish to know how it feels like to control a racing drone. This drone lives up to its name and has the “bug” look. The bugs 6 has sleek low profile design, typically seen on other racing drones. The bugs were designed for the beginner who is just looking to get into FPV and not ready to drop serious cash on a racing drone just yet. 

On the front of the MJX Bugs 6, you’ll see 2 bright LED lights that light up in white when you turn on the drone. For the sake of being curious, you can fly it during daytime and the effect will be equally enhancing. Regarding its motor, there is a special quality of it being brushless. For sake, you won’t have to depend on friction for the generation of electric charge. Therefore, keeping in mind its entry-level, B6 has a new breath of fresh air in an otherwise quiet market. You can check its upgraded model MJX Bugs 8 Pro which must faster FPV RC Drone.

7. DJI Mavic Pro – 4k Racing Drone

DJI Mavic Pro, best racing drone, top racing drone, fpv drone, rtf drone

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Only Pros:

  • 4K Ultra HD Video & 12MP Camera with Gimbal-Stabilization
  • Up to 27 Minutes Flight Time
  • OcuSync transmission offers up to 5km of transmission range

It is not surprising to include a drone from DJI series in the list. There is a completely different art of technology that DJI offers in their drones. Highlighting its core specifications, one must not forget that it has a fight time of 27 complete minutes. The aircraft is folded with 83mm x 83mm x 198mm. Regarding its weight, although it is not considered very heavy, having 3 batteries and Propeller included of 1.62 lbs and 1.64 lbs respectively. 

The DJI drone has the ability to capture 4K videos in 30 fps Along with a 3-axis gimbal. There are extreme stabilization in-camera controls. Regarding its range, it can go far up to the distance of 7 kilometers from the transmitter.  One special feature of this drone is its OcuSync transmission technology. If you, therefore, wish for nothing but the best value for money, then this drone should be on your list.

8. Parrot Bebop Pro Adventurer

ready to fly drone, Parrot Bebop 2 Adventure, fpv drone, review, guide

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  • Complete bundle
  • 1.2m (about 2km range)
  • FPV


  • 1080p so not suitable for the professional video shoot

The Parrot Bebop Pro includes the drone and goggles.  Some of its main specifications include a 100,00,000 hours battery which takes about an hour to fully charge and you can even buy extra batteries on Amazon. The camera is of 14 Megapixel along with the 1080p video. The assembling is easy and straightforward. The size of the drone is quite small but it includes a sky controller which feels good in hands. It will bound along with having many dials and buns along with having an included battery which is supposed to last for 4 hours.

Since it’s considered as a stable flying drone, you can definitely go flying with it. The controls of this drone are very precise. Although it drips a little bit in the wind the speed is not very bad. You cannot do much physical gamble with this but there is a lot of image stabilization which even lets you turn on roll stabilization along with flips mid-air. Its auto framing feature with image recognition keeps the subject in the frame so that the drone can follow the target with the smartphone GPS system. Therefore, keeping in mind all the impressive feed, this is done is really considered appreciable.

9. Autel Robotics X Star Premium

Autel Robotics X Star Premium, racing drone 2019, best fpv drone

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  • 64 GB of Storage
  • Twice the HD view range
  • Great 4K quality
  • One-touch buttons for action


  • The missing collision avoidance system
  • Batteries are somewhat short-lived

If flying something unique yet elegant in a blue sky, say an orange color is in your bucket list, then Autel Robotics X Star Premium is an awesome choice for you. This easy to assemble drone has a 4K camera on the bottom. Though the quality of the camera is good, the dynamic range does not go much extreme but the color and the sharpness do look better in comparison to other DGI products. Especially, while dealing with the clouds, you do not have to worry much about the dynamic ranges since everything will appear quite nice and saturated. Therefore, large areas of gradation between black and white would be a bonus for this drone. The maximum weight it can take is 3.52 grams.

There are easy to use indicator lights as well for your better convenience. We are satisfied with battery performance, lasts for a period for 20-25 minutes which is enough for a drone lover. The video quality is of 720 p with which you can travel for a long distance. Another beautiful feature of this drone is, that even if you lose sight, various other information of GPS, etc are available on its screen hence you can always control what you wish to. Being flexible, it can work with different phones like Samsung, Mi, etc. Just install the app and it works fine. Even with USB connectivity, you are ready to go which ultimately gives you wireless control. The drawback it carries is flying around areas that have antennas, because of which GPS connection gets lost. For the price, there is no such competition All you need is a big battery and a camera and this will become one of your favorite drones.

10. UDI U818 Plus – Racing Drone

UDI U818Plus, DROCON U818PLUS, drone review, trf, fpv, bnf drone

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The UDI U818 PLUS is also considered as an upgraded version of DROCON U818 A which was used by a lot of beginners. But in terms of appearance, this quadcopter is very different looking. In this drone, you get a 720 p HD Camera which is linked directly to a micro SD slot which also has a wide angled lens on it. It also gives you an optical stabilization. There is a micro USB cable between the quadcopter and the camera and the camera also does include a separate transmitter which transmits WiFi.

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Coming to the batteries, the battery is proprietary along with the charger. All the propellers are safe and secured since they are guarded by a ring. Its UDI controller is a very simple one which has buttons to control the automatic take off. There are two additional buttons on the back, where one is to control the ranges of high and low and the other is to control the trim.

The only hindrance that comes in between is the closeness between the phone which is kept just above the controller. There can be some issue between the HPV WiFi and the antennas. Beep feature of this quadcopter lets you know when you are entering into a completely different quadcopter zone and also when your battery is getting drained. You can do a quick test by putting it on flying mode along with which the lights will start blinking once you start the quadcopter. One thing to keep in mind once you start the transmitter is to shut it down within 4 seconds.

It gives you a good WiFi signal strength. Hands off, it is a very stable drone which turns out to be an ultimate flyer. Even in a low breeze, it will work perfectly well. In fact, that’s how it designed to be. Though it will drop a bit once you put it on a higher range to fly, it still will be in a movable condition. But one plus point of it traveling on a higher range is that it is a very smooth flyer there. Especially for someone who is learning to fly, this quadcopter will be of great help. Having an amazing camera display, speed, Wifi connectivity with it, it will be a treat for every beginner. One thing where you should be cautious of is while getting the WiFi signals. If you are impatient FPV flyer, you might face some issues, otherwise, this drone is a delight for beginners.

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Therefore, drone racing is the future competitor to other racing sports making its mark in the market. You should try your hand in flying a drone so that everything appears to be futuristic.

March 12, 2021