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Best KME Knife Sharpener Reviews in 2021-The Buyer’s Guide

Unlike honing which eventually helps in maintaining the existing edges of the knives, the knife sharpeners create a completely new and different style to your cutleries. Although there are plenty of basic and jazzed electric knife sharpeners, KME is renowned for its products and their KME knife sharpener is no exception. 

Often people are less focused when it comes to their kitchen accessories. However, the biggest problem in the home kitchen arises when you have dull knives. It offers the greatest extent of a hindrance to your cooking job and makes it more tiresome and ultimately damages the food.

Especially when it comes to delicate ingredients like herbs, it will retain its garnishing beauty as long it is sliced neatly. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best KME Knife sharpeners.

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KME Knife Sharpener

The Importance of Sharp Knives

  • Sharp knives ensure that your food stays fresher and longer and maintains its physical integrity.
  • Considerably reduces injury and doesn’t give place for unwanted situations as well
  • Saves you time and energy.
  • Sharp blades are predictable. When striking down against a food, it gives you the control over the chopping or slicing
  • One sharp knife acts as a better alternate to a set of dull knives. Saves your investment.

But how to have a sharp knife? Do you need to purchase every time once it loses it shine and sharpness or is there any other alternative.

Perhaps yes! The best KME sharpener reviews for knives provide you with the best experience with knife sharpening. 

These knife sharpeners turn back your dull knives back to the best sharp knives thus eliminating the battle of cutting something and enable to do your work effortlessly.

Looking to buy a knife sharpener, the KME Knife Sharpener reviews will provide you with better insight into choosing the best knife sharpener.

KME Best Knife Sharpener Reviews

After exhaustive testing of the plethora of knife sharpeners, this blog provides reviews about three major KME Knife sharpeners.

KME Diamond Knife Sharpener:

This is one of the most recent innovations in the KME Knife sharpener kit. One of the significant advantages of this product is, it comes with more than 140 hones in addition to the existing one.

KME Diamond Knife Sharpener:

So you no longer require additional hone to transform your old dull knife into new sharper ones.

  • Pros
  1. Quick to assemble, highly portable.
  2. Simple adjustments.
  3. The two knife positioning feature offers repeatable sharpening, makes the dull into the best cutting tool.
  • Cons
  1. Items like replacement knobs will cost only a dollar however the shipping will cost 10times of the product value.

KME EKFD Knife Sharpening System:

They are easy to use and fast knife sharpener that helps you to complete your cutting jobs without hassle. 

KME EKFD Knife Sharpening System


  1. Angle adjustment scale and knobs.
  2. The neoprene padded jaws in the clamp will not scratch the blade surface.
  3. The spherical bearing rod will provide excellent range of smooth motion.


  1. Guide holes are very large and cannot sharpen really large and small knives.
  2. Pretty expensive.

KME KFS Knife sharpening system:

The KME broadhead sharpener with knifing system offers easy precision sharpening like no other.

KME KFS Knife sharpening system


  1. Standalone kit allowing you to go from dull to razor-sharp.
  2. The unique angle ensures the perfect edge to your dull knives.
  3. The product offers a lifetime guaranty.


  1. It is a bit pricey.
  2. The mouth that holds the blades of the knives is not tight enough to get hold of it properly. So not the right choice for thinner blades and small knives.

Since some of the products of KME Knife Sharpener are pretty expensive, people find it outside their budget and afford to try for the Chinese KME sharpener clone. However the feedback on using the clone sharpeners are not encouraging and positive. Customers have suggested that they were not able to get the desired sharpness as they did with the other KME sharpeners.

Despite clones, there are other options for KME Knife sharpeners. The most popular competitor of KME sharpener is Wicked Edge. Let us do a comparative analysis between KME knife sharpener vs. wicked edge and determine why KME sharpener is a better tool than the wicked edge

KME VS. Wicked Edge

KME is a very good system worth for the money. Both KME & Wicked sharpeners performs well. Let have a quick comparison here.

  • The Gold series stones coming in the original kit are sumptuous for 95 percent of people
  • Awesome flipping clamps
  • Paddles are superior when compared to other products.
wicked edge

Wicked Edge Sharpeners

  • Wicked edge can do basic level and multi-level bevel edges but not as KME which can do concave edge as well.
  • Wicked edges are not as adaptable as KME sharpeners.

A Wicked Edge Sharpener can do a basic bevel and it can do micro or multi bevel edges. I do not think it can follow a convex bevel. It sharpens only in one plane at a time. The KME had a concave rod that will do the curves following a concave edge.

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Edge Pro Apex 3 Knife Sharpener Kit (Most Affordable)Buy it here
Wicked Edge Pro Pack 1 with Quartz Stone BaseBuy it here
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Wicked Edge Pro-Pack II – Precision Knife SharpenerBuy it here
Wicked Edge WE130 – Precision Knife SharpenerBuy it here

Based on these discussions, we can conclude that KME has definitely an upper hand over the wicked edge and ultimately the right choice for the best knife sharpener. You should consider KME is much costlier, so if your needs fit with wicked edge sharpeners you should consider them as well. They are also handy in daily use.


So, we think this guide have given you right idea of things your can accomplish with KME or Wicked edged knife sharpeners. We believe that KME is all round performer and can sharpen all your knifes. We have only listed best products in our article and some of them are really affordable. Wish you all the best with shopping, you can drop your thoughts by commenting below.

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